Who We Are


Joe Kerns (Founder)

Joe is a passionate father and designer of Krabits.com. He decided in 2018 that he wanted to break free from the confines of corporate America as a programmer and do something he has always had a passion for, creation. Since then he has invested significant time and money into creating a brand and a store for clothes and accessories. 

Joe in his spare time focuses on raising his beautiful 17 year old daughter. She is his everything and the reason for Krabits. 


Max Kerns (Co-Founder)

Max is a natural designer and leader of Krabits.com. He took a chance on his brother Joe and decided that he wanted to help create something that would give him financial freedom and security. Max is a people person and strives for excellence in everything he does. He is a great person and truly meets the goal set forth in a ever changing world

Max in his spare times likes to relax next to a computer and helps raising his niece, with his brother.